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In my experience from various industries in engineering operations, corporate support and currently, in banking; there are very few leaders, top management that are willing to go to the Gemba or the place where value in the company is actually created and processed.

In engineering operations, v...

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In a previous LinkedIn post a few weeks ago, professor Bob Emiliani shared with me this illustration on how the Lean construct drifted away from industrial engineering approach to problem solving in the late 1990s. You might wonder why this happened and have stayed the way it is - BUSINESS. It is...

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The Ishikawa or fishbone analysis is one of the most effective Lean tools solving seemingly complex business problems.

Blaming people ("Man" on the diagram), is an ill-advised way, rooted in classical management practice. The fishbone picture above is taken in 2016, during our "Lean It To Win I...

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Lately, our small team at Bad Muda are engrossed reading from past artifacts - the invaluable insights and thinking of Frederick Winslow Taylor in his book "Principles of Scientific Management" ca. 1911.

Truth be told, even after more that 100 years, true prosperity remains an elusive hope for t...

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Finally got my hands on this interesting book about Ikigai. While my line of work is in Lean leadership and management, having these supporting references on my arsenal provide fresh perspectives and unique insights in solving problems.

Flow, one of the 5 key Lean principles, is about removing n...

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One aspect of Lean is "flow". It is not that surprising to know that in the idea of Ikigai, this is also discussed in detail.

How can we achieve flow? Yes, that very unique, resistance-devoid experience we all encounter like painting, playing that favorite musical instrument, reading books, cook...

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In reality, Lean is not a "one-size fits all" management practice.

The genius of the ala-carte - pick the usual choice of dishes that we see as nearest to our own taste, or liking in order to temporarily satisfy our personal cravings. However, this will not work well in a true Lean practice wher...

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How well do we know and understand kaizen?

The devastation of WW2 in Japan paved the way for kaizen. But something made it flourish; the determination of the Japanese people to remain competitive despite the limited resources and spoils of the war.

Being resourceful (and creative) is a form of ...

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One of the key elements of progressive (Lean) management is people involvement in the continuous improvement initiatives in any organizations.

And in order to understand human behavior, is to have knowledge of our very history; from the birth of cooperation to the intricacies of conflicts and re...

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Non-Value Adding Process is "Muda"!!!

In your business, have you ever wondered why, despite many efforts to recruiting people or buying new equipment or the technologies to improve your business workflows, and it still come up short? Why is it that these add-ons seem to have little or no positive effect in your business? Non-value adding processes are waste or in Japanese term, called "Muda".

Lean, a derivative of the highly successful, Toyota Production System (TPS) is about reducing or eliminating waste to produce products and/or services with the highest quality, with the fastest turnaround times and with the lowest possible costs to benefit your customers, your business and society.

Hi, my name is Oli. I'm a Certified Lean Professional, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and a trained Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. For the last six years, I have been involved in process improvement projects and change management both at the enterprise and startup settings. 

I'm here to help you get a process view of your business workflows and processes for tangible results, efficiency-wise and profit-wise. Lean thinking and Lean management can set your business  apart from the rest... and I can help you in learning to have that "process view" in improving your business performance.


Oliver "Oli" Tamis
Bad Muda Think Tank

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